Social Trace

A social security number is the most basic and traceable form of identity in the United States. Using a social security number, a person can verify their identity in a number of ways. However, this information can also be used to steal identities and allow a person to pretend to be someone else. When verifying information on employment checks, TruDiligence conducts social security number traces to confirm identities and reveal fraudulent activities.

Tracking social security numbers can also be used to expose any additional names, aliases or addresses that the applicant may have used. TruDiligence traces social security numbers through a vast resource of more than 400 data sources, including national credit bureaus. This tool, coupled with a criminal background check, will reveal any infractions on record. You can be sure that the applicants you are considering are providing true and honest information in every respect.

Protect yourself from fraud and any misrepresentations on employment applications. Call TruDiligence today for full employment verification on any position.

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