If you are a business professional in a highly competitive market segment, differentiating yourself from the other professionals in your space can be challenging.  MyTruSeal can help.  Using our background check services will provide you with a tool to showcase a clean criminal record, educational degrees, work references and professional licenses.  The type of search you select to showcase may vary depending on the purpose for your background check.  Therefore, this page is intended to provide you with basic recommendations based on our most popular search types.

We offer searches in an a la carte fashion. Each service is part of a comprehensive background check to validate your history, identity and credibility.

The services recommended below are only guidelines of typical services as a baseline package.

Recommended Comprehensive Package

  • SSN Trace (Identity Validation)
  • County Criminal Record Search (up to 3 included)
  • National Criminal Record Database
  • National Sex Offender Registry
  • Homeland Security Search

$42.99 per name plus third party fees if incurred.

You will have the ability to customize a package to suit your needs at the time of order, if desired. A full catalog of services is available and details of each search available can be accessed by clicking here.