Employment Verification

Previous employment and experience are often the most decisive factor separating possible candidates. Part of TruDiligence's applicant screening includes employment verification in a timely and efficient manner. When making decisions for adding members of your team, you need accurate information without delay. TruDiligence confirms information on applications quickly so you can make these important decisions faster.

Verifying previous employers and experience will not only show that the candidates you are selecting are honest and truthful, but that they also have experience and dedication. The employment check will show how long the applicant worked for their previous employer, the position they held and if they were eligible for rehire. All this information shows how the prospective candidate interacted with their previous employer, if their previous employer valued their input to the company and the position, responsibility and experience they had in the job.

Make sure that the experience that your applicants list is authentic and that you choose the best candidate for the job. Contact TruDiligence today to learn more and start applicant screening.

Country Jurisdiction Cost Turn Around Time
US NATIONWIDE $11.00 24 - 72 HOURS

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