Many jobs require specific tests and licenses to be obtained before the job can be performed safely and properly. This includes operating certain types of equipment, such as semi-trucks or construction equipment, carrying out certain procedures, such as CPR, or even conducting certain jobs, such as a certified public accountant. For positions that require licenses, certificates or designations, TruDiligence conducts comprehensive verifications to ensure that applicants or current jobholders have the necessary qualifications and they are current.

TruDiligence saves you time and effort by verifying your applicants' status for you. By contacting the issuing agency, we confirm the license type, certificate or designation number and obtain the date of issuance or expiration. For certifications that expire, we make sure that the applicant in quest is active and in good standing by renewing licenses where needed.

Ensure that the applicants you hire can perform all duties required safely and effectively. By verifying licenses and certifications, you can mitigate liabilities for your company and prevent accidents from happening. Learn more about employment verification services from TruDiligence and contact us today.

Country Jurisdiction Cost Turn Around Time
US NATIONWIDE $10.00 24 - 72 HOURS

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