In today's competitive and continually evolving job market, education is exceedingly important. From basic skills needed to fulfill each task to specialized skills and knowledge needed in your field, correct education credentials help to ensure a successful career. With so many expectations and such a high value placed on education, diplomas and courses are often exaggerated on employment applications. TruDiligence confirms that information provided about education is correct and all certifications that the applicant claims to have received have been completed.

When supplied with the name and means of contact, TruDiligence confirms with the education institution that the applicant attended between the times listed and received any diplomas or certifications listed. The verification also includes confirmation of the dates of enrollment, the date of graduation (if applicable), the degree obtained and the major of study. This way you can be certain that the candidate you select will bring the appropriate knowledge and skills to your company.

Find the best employees to join your company and verify educational information. Contact TruDiligence for a complete employment background check, education verification and more.

Country Jurisdiction Cost Turn Around Time
US NATIONWIDE $10.00 24 - 72 HOURS

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