National Criminal Database

The National Criminal Database is a "third party" database which comprises records obtained from the state Department of Corrections and the Administrative Office of the Courts, where available. Coverage areas and update schedules vary by jurisdiction. Coverage details are available at

National database systems are dependent upon getting their data from the individual state and county jurisdictions. If an individual state or county does not update its data to the national system on a regular basis, or at all for that matter, the system may have holes in its coverage area. Therefore, national database records should be used only as a tool to uncover areas requiring additional research.

TruDiligence does not recommend the use of national database records as a standalone search nor a means of promoting due diligence in screening practices or maintaining compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. County-level courthouse records are recommended for this purpose.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Should you choose to use the National Criminal Database as a broad search tool and a record is found, the search results automatically will be validated with a direct search of the source county courthouse records. This validation is required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act Sections 607 and 613 to ensure accuracy of the result provided by the "third party" database. Any additional cost associated with this process will be billed at published rates which currently are $8.00 and up for county-level court record verification.

A "no record" result will turn around instantly however, when this verification on "yes record hits" is required the results of the completed search will be delayed by 24 - 72 hours while the verification search completes.

Pricing is on a per-name-searched basis.

Country Jurisdiction Cost Turn Around Time

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