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  • Economy is in recession!
  • Jobless rate is at an all time high!
  • Competition for available jobs is fierce!
  • You are flooded with applications!
  • You must find a way to differentiate your candidates and win placements!
  • Have candidates in your network who have validated their background and credentials
    upfront at no cost to you.
  • Showcase to employers a candidate’s clean criminal history, degree verification and more.
  • Differentiate your recruiting firm amongst the competition.
  • Promote only candidates with an acceptable history.
  • Win interviews for your candidates.
  • Potentially increase your placement ratio.

Introducing, the MyTruSeal Affiliate Program!
We´re looking for firms to help spread the word. Simply offer MyTruSeal as an option to your network of candidates or business associates.
It’s Free! No obligation!

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What is MyTruSeal™?
MyTruSeal is a patent pending process that allows job candidates to display a report showcasing items such as their criminal history and educational degree verification to potential employers prior to the interview or selection process. The MyTruSeal report is delivered in the form of a full-color banner graphic image, which is used to create a hyperlink to the MyTruSeal report. When the image is clicked, the MyTruSeal report displays as an Adobe PDF document. The most popular ways to use the report are via a banner image on an electronic resume; email signature blocks; and even social media networks including LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace. The report even can be printed for use as an attachment to your resume during in-person interviews.

In short, it’s a simple, yet affordable, solution that helps differentiate the candidate during the hiring process!

What is a MyTruSeal™ affiliate?
The affiliate program is designed to provide recruiters, hiring authorities and job boards an invaluable tool by marketing MyTruSeal™ directly within your network of job seekers. By promoting MyTruSeal™, you will provide an invaluable service to job seekers. It’s a win-win for both parties! Benefits include the following:

  • Increase your placement ratio
  • Differentiate your candidates
  • Reduce your mis-hire percentage by “hiring right”
  • Bring value to your firm, company or affiliation
  • Incur no obligation and pay no start-up fees or monthly dues
  • Differentiate your business among your competition by using MyTruSeal to promote only “clean candidates” within the industry

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