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Thank you for choosing to partner with TruDiligence. As part of our ongoing effort to be the best screening service available we gladly offer MyTruSeal, a powerful verification service, which allows candidates to validate and showcase their resume, credentials and identity in advance of an interview.

This service is offered to your network of candidates and associates.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Website
  • Company Careers Page
  • Email Signature Block
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Job Boards

Website, Online job board
Just to the right you will find a banner image to use in this capacity. Simply display the banner anywhere and everywhere you wish to promote MyTruSeal such as your company website, job boards, Craigslist postings etc.

Simply link the banner image to:

Company Career Page
If you use an online portal to collect applications, we suggest creating a unique page offering MyTruSeal as an optional service to the candidate. This page provides the candidate a choice to use MyTruSeal or continue without a MyTruSeal report. This set-up will require a minimal amount of design time from your web developer to implement.

View an example of how this may be implemented on the MyTruSeal Career Opportunities Page.

Remember, MyTruSeal is not intended to replace your current due diligence background check. It is simply a verification tool to be used as part of the pre-screening process. The MyTruSeal program is completely voluntary. No applicant may be denied for submitting an application without a MyTruSeal validation.
Contact us if you have any questions on implementing MyTruSeal.